• 12servings
  • 120minutes
  • 594calories

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  1. 2 lbs. red beans (meaning dried: these are "small red beans ", not kidney beans )

  2. 1 large onion , diced

  3. 1 rib celery , diced

  4. 8 toes garlic, finely chopped

  5. 8 sprigs parsley , chopped

  6. 1 Bell pepper , finely chopped

  7. 2 lbs. pickle pork ,

  8. 1 baked ham bone, if you have it (sawed in several places then rinsed)

  9. 3 bay leaves

  10. 1 T. thyme

  11. 1 stick of butter

  12. 8 C cooked rice

  13. sea salt and black pepper to taste

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  1. Uncle Sidney's Red Beans with andouille sausage, smoked hog neck bone and smoked country bacon. Creamy, herbed goodness with just a touch of 'smoke'.Pick over the beans before cleaning and remove any bruised or spotted ones.

  2. Soak in water overnight in a covered pot.

  3. Add diced onions to beans while they are soaking.

  4. The following day, strain and pour off water.

  5. Return beans and onions to pot.

  6. [NOTE: you can speed this up two ways: 1) by pressure cooking the beans, then finishing the dish by simmering on the stove top; or, soak the beans and onion (use a white rather than Spanish onion) in cold water for an hour, drain, rinse and start the slow simmer on the stovetop)

  7. Add all remaining ingredients to pot except salt and pepper and butter. (always be careful with the salt, with smoked meats & sausages)

  8. Add just enough clean cold water to cover everything in the pot.

  9. Simmer for 2 to 2-1/2 hours.

  10. Taste for salt, adjust and add the pepper When tender and creamy, add 1 stick of butter and stir in.

  11. Serve over boiled rice. (* The butter improves texture of gravy.)

  12. [Readers: if you follow this recipe as closely as you can, with all the time involved, and you obtain the required ingredients, I assure you that you will be tasting the heart of Creole cooking. Chef Austin always used white rice. Do NOT add any salt until you taste the product just before you add the butter: the meats will probably provide all the salt you'll want. I prefer to use just 'pickle meat', but I use the smoked meats when I make this for serving the guests. They rave. Bon appetit! - Amos]


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