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  1. Frequently Asked Questions

  2. Recipe Requests

  3. Q: Do you have a recipe for A: All of our recipes are published on this website; we add new recipes as we develop them. If you'd like us to consider adding a specific recipe to the site, please email us with your suggestion.

  4. Substituting Ingredients

  5. Q: Can I substitute

  6. for ?

  7. A: It can be difficult to predict the effect of replacing one ingredient with another. In most cases, if you replace an ingredient with one that is very similar - for example, replace lemon with lime, or pecans with walnuts - a bad result is unlikely. If you replace an ingredient with one that is quite dissimilar - for example, replace oil (a very high fat ingredient) with milk (a relatively low fat ingredient) - the resulting dish is likely to be significantly different from the original and could be delicious or disastrous. If you don't enjoy experimenting with recipes, we suggest you use the ingredients specified, or use a recipe that calls for ingredients you are able to obtain/use.

  8. Baking temperature/time for different cake size

  9. Q: I'm making a larger/smaller/cupcakes version of your

  10. cake. What baking temperature and time should I use?

  11. A: We have only tested the baking temperature and time required for the cake size specified in our recipe. Unfortunately, we aren't aware of a formula that would allow us to calculate the baking temperature/time for other sizes. For a rough guide, you could refer to some similar recipes that have baking instructions for the pan size you wish to use. We suggest that you keep a close eye on the cake while it's baking, and when it looks cooked, test for doneness as directed in the recipe.

  12. Slow Cookers

  13. Q: Can your

  14. be made in a slow cooker?

  15. A: We haven't tested any of our recipes in a slow cooker (we don't own one). However, visitors to our site have left comments stating they've made the following recipes in a slow cooker: Beef and Red Wine Pie filling, Beef Casserole , Braised Lamb Shanks , Chicken Casserole , Chilli Con Carne , Garlic Roast Chicken , Goulash , Roast Pumpkin Soup and Rogan Josh

  16. Advertising

  17. Q: Can I advertise my business on Exclusively Food?

  18. A: If you have a food/cooking related business, please email us with your proposal.

  19. Regrettably, we are currently unable to provide personal responses to recipe related questions due to an overwhelming backlog of emails, and other commitments (including paid employment unrelated to our website).


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