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  2. cardamom

  3. grams 2 chillies powder

  4. tsp 1 cumin

  5. tsp 1 fat

  6. grams 50 lentil

  7. grams 225 onion

  8. grams 225 peas

  9. grams 225 potatoes

  10. grams 450 pulao rice

  11. grams 500 salt

  12. tsp 1/2 sugar

  13. pinch 1 turmeric

  14. tsp 1/2

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  1. soak lentil and rice separately. shell peas peel potatoes slice onions, Heat fat. browen half the onion remove and keep aside. brown remaining onions, lentil, sugar and spices, add rice and vegetables kept whole. fry till rice beging to stick. cover with hot water to about 2.5cm above leavel of solieds. add salt. cook on very slow fire. keep live coal on lid When rice, vegetables and lentils are cooked and all moisture is absorbed, re,move. serve hot garinished with browned onions.


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