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  1. 3-4 Medium Eggs

  2. 300ml Milk (I used Semi-Skimmed)

  3. 4 Slices of Thick Bread

  4. 2 Pinches Salt

  5. 1 Tablesppon Cracked Pepper

  6. 100-200ml Oil (any works fine, I use Sunflower oil)

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  1. Crack the eggs in the dish that you would be to put bread flat in.

  2. Add the milk and seasoning (if wanted) and mix well untill fully blended.

  3. Turn on your hob and heat some of the oil gently in a frying pan or griddle pan (I find griddle pan's easier as they don't let the bread stick so much) until hot, whilst the pan is heating continue on with the other steps.

  4. Pile up the slices of bread and soak them all untill all the egg is gone.

  5. Now the pan is hot, place the bottom peice of bread onto the pan and continually move around it so you are sure that it doesnt stick, if the pan is smoking it's either too hot or there isn't enough oil.

  6. Continue to cook untill each side is slightly brown. The less you cook the bread the more eggy it will taste.


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