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  1. 1 pt. light Dutch chocolate ice cream

  2. 2 pt. light vanilla chunk chocolate ice cream

  3. 1 prepared chocolate crumb pie crust

  4. 1 can cherry pie filling

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  1. Freeze pie crust 1 hour to firm. Slightly soften Dutch chocolate ice cream. Spread over crust. Divide cherry pie filling into 2 parts. Cover and refrigerate half for later use.

  2. Spread half of pie filling on top of Dutch chocolate ice cream. Cover and let freeze until firm. Overnight would be best. Slightly soften vanilla chunk chocolate ice cream. Spread over frozen cherry pie filling – mound in center.

  3. Using the handle of a spoon, make small indentations (approximately 1 inch apart) in the top of the pie. Using reserved filling, place individual cherries in indentations to decorate. Cover and freeze until firm. Can use diet ice cream.


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