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  1. 200 grams string beans

  2. 200 grams squash

  3. 200 grams okra

  4. 200 grams unripe papaya

  5. 100 grams sweet potato (kamote) leaf tops or malunggay (moringa) leaves

  6. 200 grams eggplant

  7. 100 grams minced garlic

  8. 100 grams chopped onions

  9. 150 grams chopped ginger

  10. 100 grams shredded dried fish or 1/4 cup fine fish bagoong

  11. 1 1/5 liters of water

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  1. Peel and slice vegetables to bite size pieces. Stems should be removed from the leafy vegetables. Pour water in a casserole then add garlic, ginger, onions and dried fish or bagoong. Bring to a simmer then add squash. Add string beans, okra and eggplant after 2 minutes. Simmer until squash is soft. Add more water if necessary to maintain previous level Add the leafy vegetable last. Adjust saltiness by adding more water or fish sauce. Turn off heat once squash is soft. The remaining heat will cook the rest of the vegetables. Ideally the vegetables should be soft but firm instead of mushy. Serve hot with plain rice and fried fish. Bulanglang Comments 0 Comments Categories Vegetarian Recipes Author Fred Lopez


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