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  2. 1 Lbs. Salmon Filets

  3. 1 Cup Fish Stock

  4. 1/2 Cup White Wine (not cooking wine)

  5. 1 Large Shallot - minced

  6. 1 lemon

  7. fresh Dill Sprigs or dried Dill Weed

  8. White Pepper

  9. Lettuce leaves

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  1. You will either need a bamboo steamer, steamer rack or a double boiler stylesteamer. In the bottom of the pot pour in the fish stock, white wine andjuice of half the lemon. Also add the shallot and the dill sprigs (reservinga few) or 1 tblsp. of dried dill weed. Bring this to a simmer. Rinse yoursalmon well and check for any bones or scales. Place a couple of lettuceleaves on the bottom of your steamer rack. Place the salmon on the lettuceand lightly sprinkle on some white pepper. Place a few sprigs of dill on topor sprinkle the top lightly with the dried dill weed. Place over thesimmering liquid and cover. Steam for 5 to 10 minutes depending on thicknessuntil the salmon turns a very light (whitish) pink. Remove from heat and letcool covered. Serve at room temperature or chill covered in therefrigerator.


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