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  1. Here's a simple but effective tip for losing weight. Learn to love the natural flavors of your food.

  2. Have you noticed that the average size of a dinner plate is larger than it was 10 or 15 years ago? A larger plate may look nicer on the dinner table, but it does tempt us to fill it up, then eat everything on it (remembering Mom's encouragement to eat everything on our plates). The solution? A smaller plate. Not a tiny plate - that will just make you want to fill it up over and over again. But use a sensible size dinner plate or, if you are using a large dinner plate with a rim, don't put any food on or near the rim. You will still have a full plate of food, but won't be unconsciously overeating. Losing weight can be a lot easier using a smaller plate.

  3. Raise your hand if you find yourself eating, not because you are hungry, but because it is mealtime, or you are bored, or because you usually have a snack at the same time each night. (My hand is raised!) Learning to listen to our bodies and eating only when we are hungry will make a real difference in the amount you weigh at the end of the month and is some of the best weight loss advice we can give.

  4. As mentioned above, we often eat, not because we are hungry, but because it is our normal meal time or we are bored or feeling a bit down. Our weight loss advice - find something to distract you. Have you noticed that you don't notice your hunger or desire to eat quite so much when you are engrossed in something like sports, doing chores or a hobby? Find a hobby. If it is something that involves using both hands, you will probably stay out of the chip bowl much more easily.

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