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  1. Two slices bread-I favor cracked wheat

  2. 1 egg made into egg salad (directions below)

  3. 6 thin slices pastrami (cold)

  4. 4-6 Thin slices tomato

  5. Small handful? very thin sliced lettuce Iceberg

  6. Very thin sliced onion (optional, but I usually put it on, forgot, dum)

  7. Prepared horseradish

  8. mayonnaise

  9. mustard very little(forgot to put it on the bread , dum again)

  10. Another thing to add to the egg salad for this sandwich or just an egg salad sandwich is chopped olivesIf you have never done this, the chopped olives you can buy in the little can are just awesome to me in the salad. Yummmmmmmmmmmm!

  11. I always order this sandwich at Delis. One Deli shop put it on as a daily special and it became the favorite daily special.

  12. This sandwich is based on the egg salad. Another combination is using roast beef

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  1. Its not just the ingredients, its how they are assembled.

  2. Mayonnaise spread lightly but must be edge to edge, no dry spots.

  3. Small squirt of mustard, spread edge to edge, working the mustard into the mayo.

  4. Egg salad. Mash egg, add a little mayo, mustard, about 1/8 teaspoon of horseradish(optional), lightly salt and pepper. Mix.

  5. Spread the egg salad, edge to edge.

  6. Sprinkle a little pepper on the egg salad.

  7. Place pastrami on egg salad but not in layers. Bunch it up as in side view. Layered is yucky, gives wrong chewing and taste sensations.

  8. Place thin sliced tomatoes on other piece of bread again trying to cover edge to edge.

  9. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the tomatoes, brings out the flavor.

  10. Place very thin shaved lettuce evenly on tomatoes. Don't make a big pile in the center. I cut a head of Iceberg in half, then it is possible to shave very thin slices down the face of the lettuce. The thinner and finer is better. Leafs of lettuce don't work, crunching through the leaf is wrong feeling when biting into this sandwich.

  11. If using onion, place broken up very thin sliced rings on lettuce.

  12. Turn the egg and pastrami side onto the lettuce and tomato to complete the sandwich.

  13. It is best if you fold a large paper towel (Costco has the best paper towels) into a quartered sheet.

  14. Wrap the folded paper towel around the bottom half.

  15. Its when you chew and get all the ingredients mixed in your mouth is when you enjoy this sandwich.

  16. Many flavors and textures, very good stuff. A lot of times I get the strangest look when ordering this sandwich but the mix of ingredients is delicious.


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