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  1. 5 or 6 bread ,

  2. 1 loaf, like Arnold's or Pepperidge Farm rubbed sage salt and pepper

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  1. Slice onions in half, from stem end to root end. Lay cut side down and slice onions into ¼ inch slices from stem end to root end. Sautee onions in lots of butter(about a ½ cup)until translucent and tender but not browned. When onions are cooked take off the heat and take loaf of bread and tear up the slices. Add enough bread till there is about two thirds bread and one third onions. This is a guesstimate. Add more or less bread to your liking. Add sage, start with a teaspoon and adjust as necessary. If the bread is not moist and holding together in a fairly cohesive mass, add more butter till the bread is moistend. Add salt and pepper to taste.


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