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  1. 160g Jinhua ham

  2. 80g Hunan lotus seeds

  3. 3 red cherries

  4. 3 green cherries

  5. 160g pork skins

  6. Seasonings:

  7. Adequate amount each of candy sugar, honey, osmanthus sugar and wine

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  1. Cut the Jinhua ham into slices like dominoes; halve each of red and green cherries and cut two halves of green cherries longitudinally and transversely into 4 pellets each.

  2. Lay the Jinhua ham slices in an inverting bowl, add pork skins, water, honey and wine and steam them for 3 hours.

  3. Scald Hunan lotus seeds twice in boiling water, add water and candy sugar and steam them until cooked.

  4. Put the steamed lotus seeds in a plate, lay pork skins on both sides, invert the bowl to place the Jinhua ham on top and garnish them with red and green cherries; add osmanthus sugar into the steaming juice of the ham, stir starch solution in and pour the mixture over the ham for serving.


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