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  1. you'll need:

  2. For the dough / Kanika:

  3. 1 cup Chiroti rava (Superfine Sooji Rava or very fine cream of wheat)

  4. 1-2 tsp Ghee

  5. a pinch of turmeric

  6. 1/4 tsp Salt

  7. 1/4 cup Oil

  8. Oil for roasting

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  1. “it’s done:

  2. Wash the chana dal and tuvar dal mixture well and pressure cook with a pinch of turmeric and just enough water to cover the dal. The secret to making perfect poorna lies in a perfectly pressure cooked dal with the littlest water.

  3. While the dal pressure cooks, mix together the chiroti rava, a pinch of turmeric and a little salt.

  4. Add in the ghee and mix together making sure that when you hold the mix tight in your palm it retains its shape without falling apart.

  5. Now sprinkling a little water at a time, mix it into a firm but not hard dough (not as soft as chapathi dough). Pour in half the oil on the dough, cover and set aside at least for half an hour to an hour.

  6. Once the cooker cools down, drain the dal of remaining water if any and pulse in a mixer with elaichi. When the dal is half ground, add in the jaggery and pulse for a smooth paste. Cover the filling and set aside for half an hour.

  7. Shape the filling into small rounds about the size of a table tennis ball.

  8. Knead the Kanika well till all the oil is absorbed in. Add in the remaining oil and repeat until Kanika is soft and pliable and stretches well.

  9. Take 1/2 the amount of kanika compared to Poorna, pat on an oiled aluminum foil (can use plantain leaf wherever available) and stretch on all sides.

  10. Place the poorna on the stretched kanika and cover from all the sides. Now pat this flat as thin as possible with your four fingers.

  11. Roast it on a hot tava / griddle with a little oil, flipping once until both sides turn light golden brown.

  12. Serve hot with a drizzle of ghee.


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