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  3. Categories: Candies

  4. Yield: 20 servings

  5. 5 c Sugar

  6. 1 c Coffee Rich or Half & Half

  7. 1 c Cream (no sub!)

  8. 4 tb Margarine or butter

  9. 1/2 ts Cream of Tartar

  10. Combine butter, sugar, Coffee Rich, cream & Cream Of Tartar in a heavy

  11. saucepan. Stir until sugar is well moistened. Place on high heat. Bring to

  12. 2-3 minutes

  13. forming). Uncover & place thermometer in boiling mixture. COOK WITHOUT

  14. STIRRING. Wipe any crystals from sides of pan. Cook to exactly 236 degrees.

  15. Immedietely pour out onto a marble slab. When heat is no longer coming from

  16. the mass of candy...test it with your finger tips or wrist...when the dents

  17. made with your fingers remain for a little time instead of filling in

  18. immedietely & candy is luke warm, candy is ready to work. Work fondant

  19. with

  20. candy paddle until it sets up. Allow it to rest 15 minutes, covered. Then

  21. knead it until perfectly smooth. Like magic, the "crumbs will turn to

  22. wonderful creamy candy!

  23. Form into a ball, place on Saran wrap & into a bowl that can be tightly

  24. sealed.

  25. This fondant is best if kept a day or so before using, but may be used I

  26. Hints: For stiffer fondant, cook 1-2 degrees more. Freezing makes it

  27. sticky.

  28. Dolores McCann, Prodigy Food & Wine Board --


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