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  1. Black Mission fig s, very ripe Prosciutto ham , very thinly sliced Italian Gorgonzola, very ripe

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  1. Cut both ends off the figs. Slice each fig into 2 halves lengthwise. Cut cheese into pieces about ¼" thick in the shape of fig halves. Note that ripe Gorgonzola is hard to cut and you should refrigerate it first to solidify. Use a very thin and sharp knife and wipe and rinse in hot water after each cut or use a wire cheese cutter. The pieces of Prosciutto are usually cut about 4“ wide and 7” long. Cut each piece lengthwise. Place a fig half and a piece of cheese on one end of a half slice of Prosciutto and roll it up. Secure with a toothpick and place on serving platter. Cracked pepper may be added to taste and lemon or lime slices can be placed on platter for guests to squeeze over figs if desired.


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