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  1. 1/2 c Low-fat evaporated milk 

  2. 1/2 ts Lemon juice

  3. 1/2 tb Frozen apple juice concentra 

  4. 1/2 ts Vanilla extract -te

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  1. Measure the milk into a mixer bowl and place it in the freezer along with the beaters for the mixer. Chill until ice crystals form around the edge, 20 to 30 minutes. Beat the milk with an electric mixer at its highest speed. When soft peaks form, add the apple juice concentrate, lemon juice and vanilla. Continue to beat until fluffy. Serve at once or keep in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Light milk whip can be prepared ahead and kept for up to 2 days if it is stabilized with gelatin, see variation below. Servings: 3 cups Light Milk whip II. Pour 1/4 cup unsweetended fruit juice in a heatproof cup or bowl and sprinkle 1 envelope of unflavored gelatin over it. Place the cup holding the gelatin mixture in a pan of simmering water and stir until the gelatin is dissolved. Combine with 3/4 cup unsweetened fruit juice. Chill, stirring occasionally, until the mixture is syrupy but not set, Prepare a recipe of light milk whip. When fluffy, fold in the gelatin mixture. Serve immediately, or refrigerate for up to 2 days. Source: ‘Naturally Sweet’ by Fran Raboff and Lynn Bassler From the files of: Melissa Mierau —– Archive January 2010 December 2009 July 2009 June 2009 April 2009 March 2009 December 2008 November 2008 October 2008 September 2008 August 2008 July 2008 June 2008


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