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  1. 3/4 c Dry lentils

  2. 1/2 c Water

  3. 2 ts Cider vinegar

  4. 1 tb Margarine

  5. 1 c Onion; finely minced

  6. 2 Garlic cloves; crushed

  7. 10 lg Mushrooms; minced

  8. 1/2 c Walnuts; finely minced

  9. 1 sm Celery stalk; finely minced

  10. 1 ts Salt Freshly ground black pepper

  11. 1/2 ts Dry mustard

  12. 1 tb Dry sherry

  13. 1/2 c Raw wheat germ

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  1. This takes about 40 minutes to prepare: you can do ‘part 1′ while ‘part 2′ is cooking, plus about 1 hour to chill, then 15 minutes to cook. Makes between 4 to 6 servings, depending on the size of patties you make and the hunger of participants. Note: uncooked burgers may be individually wrapped and frozen. Part 1: Bring lentils and water to a boil in saucepan. Lower the heat, and simmer, partly-covered, 30 minutes, or until lentils are soft, and liquid is gone. Place in large-ish bowl. Add vinegar, and mash. Part 2: Saute remaining ingredients, except for wheat germ, together over medium-low heat 10 to 15 minutes, or until all is tender. Add to the mashed lentils, and mix well. Add wheat germ and mix again. Chill for about 1 hour. The Burgers: 1. Make 4-inch patties from chilled burger-mixture. For freezing, make patties, place wax paper between each patty and stack; wrap well and freeze (or wrap individually).

  2. Fry burgers in butter until brown, *or* broil about 8 minutes on each side. Try putting sesame seeds in pan to keep burgers from sticking to pan, if it is a problem.

  3. Serve either as patties, or as burgers in a whole-wheat bun. Good with cheese melted on top, basil sprinkled on each burger is tasty also. Mollie Katzen, ‘Moosewood Cookbook’ —– Archive January 2010 December 2009 July 2009 June 2009 April 2009 March 2009 December 2008 November 2008 October 2008 September 2008 August 2008 July 2008 June 2008


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