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  1. 500ml buttermilk

  2. 200ml skimmed milk

  3. 200g sugar

  4. 1-1 1/2 leaves of gelatine or 4g leaf gelatine

  5. 1 vanilla pod - split, with the seeds scraped out but kept to be used in recipe

  6. 2 sticks of rhubarb - peeled and cut into chunks

  7. 1 orange - juiced

  8. Strawberries - washed, hulled and halved if large

  9. 75g castor sugar

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  1. For the Buttermilk Creams:

  2. In a saucepan very gently heat the skimmed milk, buttermilk, vanilla and sugar, until the sugar is fully dissolved. Soften the gelatine in a bowl of cold water.

  3. Drop into the buttermilk and stir to make sure the gelatine is dissolved thoroughly.

  4. Pour the milk into 4 glass serving bowls and put in the fridge to set.


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