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  1. Storing Cheese

  2. Hard cheeses can be stored by dipping them in melted paraffin.

  3. Remove any wrapping from the cheese. Melt in paraffin in an old

  4. pan. Dip the cheese in the melted stuff or get a paint brush and paint the paraffin on the cheese. Allow the paraffin to dry

  5. completely, and dip again. After about 4 coats of paraffin, you may add a layer of cheese cloth for extra protection. Continue

  6. dipping and drying until the parafin has formed a smooth, thick,

  7. bubble free surface. Store cheeses that have been coated in paraffin

  8. in the coolest spot you can find. Cheese stored this way will last

  9. almost indefinitely. If paraffin gets cracked or anything just

  10. re-coat with melted paraffin.


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