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  1. Christmas bauble cookies

  2. Sugarpaste: a selection of colours

  3. Christmas bauble cookie cutters

  4. Piping gel

  5. Royal icing

  6. Piping bag and No 2, 18 tube

  7. Edible snowflake lustre dust

  8. White hologram disco dust

  9. Soft brush

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  1. Prepare the cookies. Remove a small circle of dough from the top of the cookie using the piping tube and bake.

  2. Roll out the coloured sugarpaste and cut a bauble using the cookie cutter used to create the cookies. Attach to the cookie using piping gel and remove a circle using the No18 tube to reveal the hole in the cookie.

  3. For the purple bauble fill a piping bag with royal icing, attach the no 2 tube and pipe a swirl and coil pattern over the cookie. Once the royal icing has set, mix some lustre dust with water and paint over the pattern. Use a soft brush to spread white hologram dust over the cookie.


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