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  1. 1 pound beef sirloin*

  2. 2 bunches green onions

  3. 24 cherry tomatoes

  4. 24 mushrooms

  5. 1 red bell peppers

  6. 1 yellow bell peppers

  7. 1 green bell peppers

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  1. : * or any cut of meat your prefer (2" chunks) Cut the meat into cubes and slice the peppers. Clean and remove tops of the green onions. Place a cube of meat, onion, tomato, mushroom, yellow pepper on the skewer and then place another piece of meat, onion, tomato, mushroom, red pepper on the same skewer, then repeat process again ending with the green pepper this time. If you want you can also add a slice of an apple or potato in place of a tomato. Kids also like to add some pineapple to the skewers in place of the mushrooms. Make sure you use some good sized chunks of pineapple. Cook over BBQ grill till meat is brown and veggies are tender. This will make 4 to 6 kabobs or a couple more if you put less on per skewer. This is a good recipe to do with the kids on a summer day or any time really. You will need some skewers for this meal and some hungry little helpers. (or big


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