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  1. 15 fl Milk

  2. 1/2 c Medium oatmeal*

  3. 1 Large egg (beaten)

  4. 1 orange

  5. 2 ts Sugar (to taste)

  6. 1/2 oz Gelatine

  7. 2 tb Water

  8. 8 oz Heavy cream**

  9. Fruit sauce of choice** *"Pinhead" if you can get it. This is the cracked oat groat, not rolled. ** Whipped.

  10. 30 minutes, turn all into a pan and stir until it boils. Then simmer

  11. 3-4 minutes. Pour mixture into a bowl and add the beaten egg, grated lemon rind, and sugar to taste. Dissolve gelatine in the orange juice and water, add to the mixture when it's cooled, and then fold in the cream. Pour the whole mixture into a glass bowl and leave to set. Serve with

  12. 3-4 T of chosen fruit sauce on top.


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