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  1. 280 ml warm water (approx 38 celsius)

  2. 10 g powdered milk (approx 1 generous Tblsp)

  3. 400 g white bread flour (16 oz or 3 cups)

  4. 15 g granulated sugar (1 Tblsp)

  5. 10 g corn oil (1 Tblsp) or 10 g sunflower oil (1 Tblsp)

  6. 5 g salt (1 Tsp)

  7. 3 1/2 g bread machine yeast (1 Tsp, ever so slightly raised)

  8. 55 g red peppers, well chopped (about 2/3 of a rather small one)

  9. 20 g red onions , sliced & chopped (about 1/2 of a very small one)

  10. 1 dash fresh ground black pepper (to taste or optional)

  11. 1/3 teaspoon dried garlic granules (to taste or optional)

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  1. Place bread machine pan on electronic scales and weigh in / add the ingredients. (280ml water weighs 280g).

  2. Replace pan in bread machine and start on suitable cycle - I favour the wholemeal cycle with a dark crust as it has the longest rise time but still has a beep for adding ingredients plus I like my bread to be crusty. Machines vary but the raisin bread setting should also be fine.

  3. Whilst the machine is kneading, chop and prepare the red pepper & red onion into a small bowl and season to taste with a little fresh ground black pepper, a very generous dash of dried (or fresh) garlic (possibly some basil/oregano if you fancy it herby, and paprika if you *really* love it spicy!).

  4. Add the pepper & onion a bit at a time during the last five minutes of the final knead (my machine does its beep five minutes before the end of the final (second) knead) as there is a lot of liquid in these fresh ingredients and if you add them all at once it would make the dough rather too wet. Basically add about half of them at the beep and the other half a few minutes later.

  5. Enjoy!

  6. (Time listed includes total kneading, rising & baking time).


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