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  2. 8 Eggs

  3. 4 Tortillas de maiz

  4. 4 Chiles serranos

  5. 1/2 cup Red tomatoes mashed

  6. 1/4 medium Onion mashed

  7. Vegetable oil

  8. Salt

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  1. Cut in squares the tortillas and fry it in vegetable oil. Let stand in a papper towel for dry the oil. In a frying pan put one or two tablespoons of vegetable oil, when it will be hot add the onion previously mashed, when the onion will be transparent add the puree of red tomatoes and the chiles cuted in little pieces, let the sauce cook 10 or 15 min (add a little amount of water if needed). Beat the eggs and add to the sauce, also add the tortilla squares. Cook until done and then serve. You can serve this with beans as a side dish. Patricia Wriedt.


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