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  1. 260 grs. yesterday's bread

  2. 250 grs. brown or yellow sugar

  3. 100 grs. almonds

  4. 50 grs raisins

  5. 100 grs. candied fruit

  6. 1 tsp. cinnamon

  7. juice and skin of lemon and orange

  8. 125 grs. melted butter or margarine

  9. 1 small glass of rum

  10. 5 eggs

  11. 1 cup milk

  12. Pour boiling water over the almonds to peal them off and cut into pieces, as well as the fruits and the bread. Pour boiling milk over these ingredients, add some more if the mixture is too dry. When cold, add the melted butter, eggs, and other ingredients, mixing well. Put in a 'banho-maria' pan and let it cook for 50 minutes.

  13. Unmold after cooling. You may decorate with caramel or cream


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