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  1. 1 can Kwoffit Bitter kit

  2. Extract)

  3. 3 pounds Light dry malt extract

  4. 1 pounds Crystal malt

  5. pounds Wheat malt

  6. Fuggles leaf hops

  7. Kwoffit yeast

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  1. Steep the crystal and wheat malts. Boil the resulting mixture with the Kwoffit kit and the light extract. Add a small amount (up to ½ ounce) of the Fuggles hops in the last minute of the boil. The result is extravagantly tasty--very rich and full-bodied, strongly hopped but not tart. I am quickly becoming a believer in the value of a little wheat malt for adding flavorful body. It seems to work very well with crystal malt.

  2. Body, crispness, sweetness, hoppiness...heaven.

  3. Recipe By : Marc San Soucie File


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