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  1. 16 jumbo deveined shrimp

  2. 1/4 pound of your favorite cheese, cut into 1 inch by half inch pieces

  3. 1 whole green Jalapeno

  4. 1 package of bacon

  5. skewers (soak in water first if using wooden ones so they don't burn)

  6. Butterfly and devein shrimp.

  7. Cut cheese into one inch by half inch pieces.

  8. Cut jalapeno into pieces half the size of the cheese that you have chosen for the shrimp.

  9. Cut the bacon strips in half.

  10. Stuff the shrimp with the cheese and jalapenos.

  11. Wrap shrimp in 1 bacon strip and slide on a skewer.

  12. Place on grill and while turning frequently.

  13. Cook until bacon is done to your taste.


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