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  1. Tiered wedding cake cookies

  2. Sugarpaste: white/ivory

  3. Tiered wedding cake cutter

  4. Piping gel

  5. Flower cutter: flat floral collection set

  6. Ball tool

  7. Reusable piping bag and coupler

  8. Royal icing

  9. 1, 2and Edible snowflake lustre dust

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  1. Emboss the tiers with the flower cutter and use the end of a ball tool to indent the centre of each petal.

  2. Fill a piping bag fitted with a coupler with royal icing and attach a no.

  3. piping tube. Pipe a row of dots at the base of each tier to help define the tiers Attach a no 2 tube to the piping bag and pipe loose coils as shown in the picture.

  4. Attach a no.3 tube and carefully pipe the centre of each flower. Using the same tube pipe a small dot in the space between the petals.

  5. To add shine, dust over the cookie with edible snowflake lustre dust


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