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  1. 2 Fresh Cornish Game Hens

  2. 1 tb Vegetable Oil

  3. 2 tb Lemon Juice, divided

  4. 1/4ts Ground Ginger, divided Salt and Pepper to taste

  5. 1/4c Orange Marmalade

  6. 1 tb Brandy

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  1. + Directions : Prepare covered outdoor grill for cooking at least 1/2 hour before grilling. Rinse hens and pat dry; with kitchen string tie drunsticks together. Rub hens with oil and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice; sprinkle with 1/4 teaspoon ginger and salt and pepper to taste. In a small bowl, combine marmalade, brandy, and remaining ginger, set aside. Grill, covered, 5-6 inches over medium-hot coals 50-60 minutes. After 40 minutes, brush hens with brandy-orange sauce. Cook until juices run clear when thigh is pierced, basting 3 to 4 times. Serves 2 to 4


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