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  1. Fresh Fragrant Fruit Salad

  2. 8 to 10 1 fresh cubed pineapple

  3. 1 container fresh sliced strawberries

  4. 1 box fresh blueberries

  5. 1 fresh cubed cantaloupe

  6. other fresh colorful fruit as desired

  7. 1/4 cup mango or pineapple syrup (or any other fruit syrup)

  8. Fresh mint leaves for garnish

  9. Use fresh washed ripe fruit and cube or cut into bite size pieces.

  10. Place in a pretty (glass) bowl and chill about an hour prior to

  11. serving time. Just before serving, add fruit flavored syrup to

  12. taste, gently toss and serve. Garnish with mint leaves. One can

  13. make this a few hours ahead of time but fresh fruit tends to get

  14. too juicy if left overnight. Amounts depend on how much fruit you

  15. cut up.


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