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  1. 6 tablespoons flour

  2. 8 tablespoons sugar dash of salt

  3. 2 eggs , beaten

  4. 4 cups milk vanilla wafer cookies

  5. 4-5 bananas , sliced

  6. 1 9-ounce container of whipped topping (or, if you must, whipped cream !)

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  1. How to make it In a saucepan, combine the flour, sugar, salt, and eggs. Add the milk a little at a time, stirring until smooth. Cook over medium heat, stirring continuously, until thickened. Cool thoroughly. Line the bottom of a casserole dish with vanilla wafers, then bananas. Repeat until dish is 2/3 full. Cover with pudding. Cool. Top with whipped topping. Refrigerate any leftovers.


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