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  1. Acini Di Pepe (Peppercorn)

  2. Probably the smallest variety of pastina, acini di pepe (also called peperini) are ideal for broths. Alfabeti (Alphabet pasta)

  3. Minute letters and number that are especially appealing to children.

  4. Anellini (little rings)

  5. Select these light anellini for vegetable and meat broths. Capellini Tagliati (Broken fine hair)

  6. Break up these very fine pasta strands and cook them in broth.

  7. Conchigliette (little sea shells)

  8. Light soups, perhaps those containing vegetables or lentils, suit these shapes. Farfalline (little butterflies)

  9. Use this delicate pastina shap in broths and light soups.

  10. Funghetti (little mushrooms)

  11. This quirky mushroom-shaped egg pasta works well in heartier soups. Orzi (barley)

  12. Shaped like grains of barley, orzi are perfect for my versioon of stracciatella.

  13. Quadrucci (Squares)

  14. These tiny egg pasta squares are ideal for giving extra body to light broths. Risi, Risoni (Rice)

  15. This pasta variety, which is also called pasta a riso, mimics rice grains very convincingly when cooked.

  16. Stelline (little stars)

  17. Delicate star shapes are often tossd with butter and hot milk. Tubettini (little tubes)

  18. These tiny macaroni can be used in light soups. The larger tubetti are perfect for minestrone.


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