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  1. 2 cups milk

  2. 1 cup sugar

  3. 1 teaspoon nutmeg

  4. 1/2 cup light oil

  5. 3 eggs

  6. 2 packages dry yeast

  7. 1/2 cup warm -- (not too hot) water

  8. 10 cups all-purpose flour -- sifted

  9. 1 cup seedless currants melted butter **GLAZE**

  10. 1 cup confectioner's sugar

  11. 3 teaspoons lemon juice

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  1. Preparation : Combine milk, sugar, nutmet and oil in a large mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, beat eggs until frothy. Dissolve yeast in water. Add 2 cups flour, dissolved yeast amd beaten eggs to milk mixture. Beat with rotary beater or by hand until completely smooth. Slowly add remaining flour and currants and turn onto a floured board. Knead until smooth and elastic on a lightly floured board (approximately 10 minutes). Set in a greased bowl. Cover and allow to rise in a warm place until light and double in bulk (1 1/2 to 2 hours) Punch down and roll out in a 15 by 18 by 1/2 inch rectangle and cut with a 3 inch cookie cutter. Place buns on greased baking sheet. Brush with melted butter, cover, let rise until double in bulk (about 1 1/2 hours.) Using a knife or scissors, make a cross on each bun. Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 25 minutes. Glaze each bun with icing made from the confectioner's sugar and lemon juice. Makes 30-35 bun


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