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  1. carrots 6 (grated finely)

  2. milk 3 cups

  3. sugar 1 cup

  4. mawa 1/2 cup (powdered milk)

  5. khoya 3 tsp (ricotta cheese)

  6. almonds 1/8 cup (chopped)

  7. cardamoms 5 (skinned and crushed fine)

  8. pistachios 2-3 (powdered)

  9. ghee 1/4 cup (clarified butter)

  10. raisins 1 tsp

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  1. * Cook the carrots in the milk in an open pan on a low flame with constant stirring.

  2. * When the carrots are done, take them out and drain any excess milk.

  3. * Add the milk powder(mava), the ricotta cheese and the sugar to the carrots.

  4. * Heat the ghee in a frying pan, add the carrot mixture and keep on high flame until the carrot paste loses the milky texture and becomes golden brown and the sugar is totally dissolved.

  5. * Add the raisins, cardamoms, powdered pistas and the almonds.

  6. * Heat through and serve either hot or cold with cream on the side.


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