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  1. 1/2ts Salt; or to taste

  2. 1/4ts Pepper; or to taste

  3. 1/4ts Paprika; or to taste

  4. 4 Veal fillets; cut 1/4" thick

  5. 4 tb Butter

  6. 4 Stewed tomatoes; whole

  7. 12 White asparagus spears;

  8. 1/4lb Mushrooms; fresh, sliced

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  1. + Directions : * Asparagus Spears should be canned. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and paprika over the veal slices. Saute in butter until browned. On each fillet place 1 stewed tomato, 3 spears asparagus and a heaping T of mushrooms. Cook gently. Pour cooking juices over the fillets while cooking. Cook uncovered until mushrooms are just tender. Serve with pureed potatoes and a salad.


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