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    1. 6 Or 8 large apples

    2. 1 c Sugar

    3. 1/4 ts Cinnamon

    4. 1 tb Butter

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    1. Pare and cut and wash apples.

    2. Place in saucepan that contains one quarter cup of hot water.

    3. Stew a few minutes then add one cup of sugar, (a little more if apples are tart), cinnamon and butter.

    4. Cook until tender but not too wet.

    5. Place in a baking dish, and pour over with custard cream.

    6. Custard Cream 1 pint milk 3 or 4 eggs 2 spoons sugar for each egg 1 tsp.

    7. vanilla Make a thin cooked vanilla custard cream, using only yellows of eggs as whites are used for meringue.

    8. Pour over apples and top with meringue.

    9. Place in oven and let bake until custard becomes semi-set.

    10. May be served warm or cold.


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