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    VitaminsA, C
    MineralsPotassium, Phosphorus

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    1. 1 honeydew melon of the size desired

    2. 1-2 peaches

    3. 1-2 pears

    4. lemon juice

    5. 1 small can lychees

    6. Few green cocktail cherries in syrup

    7. Few red cocktail cherries in syrup

    8. Few cumquats

    9. White wine to taste or 1 measure kirsch or framboise liqueur

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    1. Directions With a long slender sharp-pointed knife, cut shallow 'V's all round the melon, about one-sixth way down from one end.

    2. Let the cuts reach right to the centre so that the top can be lifted off in one piece.

    3. Remove the seeds but retain the juice.

    4. With what is called a 'pomme noisette' (round or oval), scoop out the melon flesh, including that in the cut-off portion, into small balls or ovals.

    5. Peel and slice the peaches and cut the peeled and cored pears into small wedges.

    6. Turn both in a little melon juice to prevent discoloration.

    7. Place a green or red cherry in the stoned cavity of each lychee.

    8. Mix together the melon balls or ovals, peach slices and pear wedges.

    9. Turn them into the melon 'shell'.

    10. Add the syrup from the lychees, wine to your own discretion or a measure of kirsch or framboise liqueur.

    11. Garnish with the stuffed lychees and the cumquats.


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