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  1. 2 large whole line-caught mackerel , from a sustainable source, gutted

  2. 100g coarse sea salt

  3. 200ml sushi seasoning

  4. 4 tsp soy sauce

  5. 100g baby green salad leaves

  6. 1 pink grapefruit

  7. 120g podded edamame (soy) beans

  8. 2 tbsp yuzu juice

  9. 1 tbsp sushi seasoning

  10. 1 tsp wasabi paste

  11. 1 tsp sweet chilli sauce

  12. 80ml sunflower oil

  13. 40ml olive oil

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  1. Prepare the mackerel following the instructions opposite. When you reach stage 7, marinate the fillets for 20 minutes in the sushi seasoning and soy sauce then lift out and rest on kitchen towel in the fridge for 30 minutes. Finish by peeling off the clear skin as described opposite.

  2. To make the sashimi salad, put all the ingredients for the dressing, except the oils, into a food processor, turn on and gradually add the oil for a smooth, creamy consistency.

  3. Peel the grapefruit, pull the segments apart then carefully peel each segment of its outer skin and pith.

  4. Blanch the edamame in boiling salted water for 2 minutes, drain and rinse in cold water.

  5. Cut the mackerel into small cubes. Arrange the salad, mackerel and grapefruit on plates then spoon over the dressing.

  6. Sashimi The salting and marinating of the mackerel will give a firmer, almost 'cooked' texture to the fish but you are really eating it raw, so it's important to get the freshest fish you can. Tell your fishmonger how you plan to prepare it. Find sushi seasoning, wasabi and yuzu in some health food shops, Japanese supermarkets or buy online tat


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