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  1. INDIRECT METHOD Place equal amounts of charcoal on both sides of the kettle on the lower grate. This will allow a large area in the center for a drip pan. This way heat rises,reflects off the lid and kettle surface to cook food above, below and all around like a convection oven. Ignite charcoal leave lid off till charcoal has a light coating of grey ash about 30min Place drip pan in center of the lower grate with charcoal on both sides of drip pan if you want gravy. Place small pieces of apple wood on top of coals Spray the cooking grill with a cooking spray and place the cooking grate in kettle with handles directly of the coals. You will need to add charcoal as you are cooking your turkey. TO PREPARE TURKEY Free legs and tail from tucked position. Remove neck and giblets. Rinse turkey thoroughly with cold water,drain and pat dry. Brush outer surface with cooking oil and season generously with salt and pepper inside and out. Pull skin over neck and fasten behind back with a skewer. Lock wings behind the back and tie legs and tail together securely or re tuck legs under band of skin. Position turkey breast side up , in the center of cooking grate directly above the drip pan which should be slightly larger than the turkey Place The lid on the kettle. No need to baste the turkey or turn it. Cook turkey 11 to 13 minutes per pound. For a moist and tender turkey remove turkey when internal temperature is about 170 degrees. The Turkey will continue to cook even after removed from the grate. If turkey remains on the grate till internal temperature is 180 the turkey will continue to cook when removed and will be dry. Let turkey stand for 15 minutes before carving. Remove drip pan and pour dripping into a deep fry pan and add 1 can of chicken broth bring to a boil and whisk in a mixture of chicken broth,flour ,salt and pepper to thicken whisking continually


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