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  1. Additional Food Articles to Help You On Your Diet:

  2. Coffee Drink Calories

  3. Diet Recipes

  4. My many diet recipes that I have collected. The recipe show fat grams, fiber grams, and calorie.

  5. Determine Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

  6. Dieting Hints & Tips

  7. Food Labels 101

  8. Learn how to read and understand Food Labels.

  9. Food Nutritional Value Chart

  10. Shows fat grams, fiber grams, and calorie.

  11. Identify A Calorie Goal

  12. Juicing For Weight Loss

  13. Making Sense of Portion Sizes - Portion Control Secrets

  14. Menopause and Weight Gain

  15. Sugar: The Natural Sweetener -Only 15 Calories Per Teaspoon!

  16. What About Exercise? Calories Burned Per Minute of Exercise By Weight


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