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    1. Ingredients :

    2. 3,3 lb tvorog (farmer cheese)

    3. 14 oz butter

    4. 15 ea hard-boiled yolks

    5. 3/4 l 30% cream

    6. 10 oz powdered sugar

    7. vanilla

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    1. Method :

    2. Butter must be soft and supple. Put tvorog under weight for 2 hours, drain through the sieve twice (never use a mincer). Drained tvorog is souffle and light. Stir in yolks and butter, blend the mass until homogenous. Whip cream with sugar, add to the mass. Stir in carefully. Fill in the Eastern Paskha mold (special cooking form with a traditional drawing and ornaments). The bottom is covered with wet gauze. Cover with a plate and put a weight. Keep in the fridge for 12 hours.


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