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  1. 1 c Brown lentils

  2. 2 ea Bay leaves

  3. 1 ea Celery stick, finely chopped

  4. 2 ts Ginger, grated

  5. 8 c Vegetable stock

  6. 1 tb Olive oil

  7. 1 lg Red onion, chopped

  8. 2 ea Cloves garlic, crushed

  9. 2 md Tomatoes, peeled & chopped

  10. 1 bn Spinach, chopped

  11. 2 ts Cider vinegar

  12. 1 ts Cilantro, chopped

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  1. Combine lentils, bay leaves, celery, ginger and stock in large pan, simmer, uncovered, about 30 mins or until lentils are just soft. Heat oil in the pan, add onion and garlic, cook, stirring, until onion is soft. Add tomatoes, cook, stirring, until tomatoes are pulpy. Add the spinach, stir over heat until spinach is wilted. Add spinach mixture to lentil mixture, stir in vinegar and coriander; stir until heated through. Discard bay leaves before serving.


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