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  1. Recipe Instructions To roast pecans (or any other nut, including some o' them here on the porch), turn your oven on to 325F. Put the nuts in a shallow pan, like a cookie sheet or jellyroll pan. If you want to spice 'em up, pour a few tablespoons of oil--olive oil's good, but anything other than 10W-30 will do fine too--on top, sprinkle your seasonings on top of that (I like to use cajun spices, Tabasco salt, somesuch) and stir up the nuts real good so the oil and spices get distributed evenly. Then put the pan in the oven and keep an eye on it; stir the nuts up, whether or not you seasoned 'em, about every 10 minutes. It'll take 20 - 30 minutes to roast 'em, but that's according to your preference; if you like 'em dark, nearly burnt, it'll take longer. Just watch the color, and take 'em out before they get too dark. That's pretty much it. You can do 'em naked, with no oil or salt, for the same amount of time.


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