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  1. 1 ea Carrot

  2. 1 ea Onion

  3. 4 ea Celery stalks

  4. 4 ea Tomatoes, skinned & seeded

  5. 1 ea Potato, peeled

  6. 8 oz Kidney beans, soaked ovrnit

  7. 2 oz Olive oil

  8. 2 oz Butter

  9. 1 1/4 t Paprika

  10. 2 qt Chicken stock

  11. 3 T Tomato paste

  12. 2 ea Chorizo sausage, mild/hot

  13. 1 t Cayenne pepper

  14. 1 x Salt & pepper to taste

  15. Chop fine all vegetables including tomatoes and the potato. Drain soaked beans, discarding liquid. In a medium pot, add olive oil and butter. When oil is hot, add chopped carrot, onion, celery, tomatoes. Saute, but do not brown. Add chopped potato, paprika, and chicken stock. When this reaches a boil, add kidney beans and turn down heat to a simmer. Add tomato paste. Let cook 45-60 minutes, stirring occasionally. When beans are soft to the touch add sausage and cayenne pepper. Season to taste. Shared by Chef de Cuisine Kim Canteenwalla, The REEFS, Bermuda


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