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  1. 1 Puff pastry sheets - (5 sheets)

  2. 1 Frozen spinach - (1 pound)

  3. 1 Cottage cheese - (8oz)

  4. 1 Egg Salt - pepper, onions, whatever you like

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  1. Recipe Instructions Thaw and drain spinach. Mix in cottage cheese and eggs. Cut pastry into squares - 16 squares per sheet for party snacks, 9 for slightly larger snacks when people will have plates, 4 for knife-and-fork type eating. Put some filling in the middle of each square, fold over to form a triangle, seal edges. Bake at the temperature recommended on the pastry packet, anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes depending on size. Not exactly what was asked for, but.. once upon a time I used to make spinach parcels with feta, and filo, and fresh spinach. Then there started to be fewer hours in the day, so some ingredients got changed to their convenience counterparts. Then some allergies became apparent, and some ingredients were eliminated. This is what remains. People still seem to like them, in fact I just made about 100F for a party tonight.


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