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  1. Good old German "Streuselkuchen"

  2. 500 g flour

  3. 40 g yeast

  4. 50 g butter

  5. 100g sugar

  6. 1/4 l milk (I take a little more, makes the dough raise easier)

  7. 1-2 eggs

  8. 1 pinch of salt

  9. 300 g flour

  10. 150 g butter

  11. 150 g sugar

  12. 1 eggyolk

  13. 1 vanilla sugar

  14. cinnamon at taste

  15. I suppose you know how to make a yeast dough. If not, there are

  16. two methods, the cold and the warm one. As the cold one is fast to

  17. describe I give you this one: Dissolve sugar and yeast in the cold

  18. milk and add all to the other ingredients whereby the butter should

  19. be rather soft. Mix to a soft dough and leave it well covered

  20. overnight in the fridge. Next day you knead through the dough using

  21. a little additional flour so that it will not be too sticky and place it on a baking sheet which has been lined with baking paper.

  22. You can either use a rolling pin to smoothen the dough or just use

  23. your fingers for it sticking them now and then into the flour- pot.

  24. Now you make the "Streusel" by mixing all ingredients by hand and crumbling them into small bits. Distribute the Streusel evenly on

  25. the dough, cover it with a towel and leave on a warm place for at

  26. least half an hour. The dough should be well risen. (I myself place

  27. the baking sheet in my oven - without a towel - and raise the

  28. temperature to not more than 50 C for else you will kill the yeast,

  29. and I leave the oven-door just a litlle bit open.)

  30. When the dough has risen to nearly double-height I close the door 180-200 C for 25 minutes until looks

  31. light golden.


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