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  1. 1/2 lb Bean sprouts 

  2. 1 T Sesame seed oil

  3. 2 T Peas (fresh or frozen) 

  4. 1/2 C Chicken broth

  5. -per person 5 T Sweet bean sauce

  6. 1 Cucumber -(or hoisin sauce)

  7. 3 Eggs 

  8. 3 T Soy sauce

  9. 1/2 C Green onions, chopped 

  10. 1 T Chinese rice wine

  11. 1 C Chinese noodles 

  12. 1/2 t Sugar 

  13. -linguine) per person -sauce was used)

  14. 1 lb Lean pork or beef, 

  15. 1/2 t MSG

  16. -chopped into small pieces 1 T Green onion, finely

  17. 1 t Ginger, crushed -chopped

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  1. TO PREPARE THE MEAT SAUCE: Heat about 3 T oil in wok, brown the ginger and green onion, then add meat and brown together.

  2. Mix together the bean (or hoisin) and soy sauces, add this mixture to the meat, and stir fry briefly. Then add rice wine, sugar, MSG and sesame oil.

  3. Add the chicken broth and simmer for about 3 minutes, until the sauce becomes thick and shiny. Put mixture in a serving bowl and set aside.


  5. : o Boil bean sprouts for 1 minute, drain, and put in serving bowl.

  6. : o Warm peas and put in a serving bowl.

  7. : o Cut cucumber into very fine strips, or grate. Place in serving bowl.

  8. : o Scramble eggs, fry into very thin pancakes, and cut into thin strips.

  9. TO SERVE: Cook noodles in boiling water for 3 minutes; drain. If you are preparing this dish ahead, rinse with cold water, drain, and add about 1 T sesame seed oil and mix well.

  10. Serve about 1 cup hot or cold noodles in a bowl, then add the garnishes and meat sauce to taste.

  11. NOTES:

  12. * The original Chinese spaghetti — This recipe is an interesting variation from the usual restaurant chinese food. When I learned this dish, I realized that this was the origin of the Italian pasta dishes. It still serves as a reminder that there is a huge variety of Northern Chinese dishes that use wheat-based starches instead of rice. Servings: serves 6-8.

  13. * This dish can be prepared a day ahead and served cold. The selection of vegetables in the garnish is pretty arbitrary. All kinds of vegetable combinations are good. The only rule is that they should all be cut into thin strips.

  14. : Difficulty: easy to moderate.

  15. : Time: 1-2 hours (lots of preparation, little cooking).

  16. : Precision: Measure the sauce ingredients.

  17. : Rob Horn : Infinet, North Andover, Massachusetts, USA : {decvax, seismo!harvard}!wanginst!infinet!rhorn : Copyright (C) 1986 USENET Community Trust —–


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