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  1. Ingredient Name Unit Quantity

  2. atta dough

  3. as needed

  4. basamathi rice

  5. grams 500 Basmathi rice

  6. grams 500 bay leaf

  7. 2 chilli powder

  8. tsp 1 coriander leaves

  9. bunch 1 coriander powder

  10. 0 curd

  11. cup 1 Dry garam masalas

  12. 5 food colour

  13. pinch garamasala powder

  14. tsp 1/2 ginger garlic paste

  15. tbsp 1 lemon

  16. number

  17. 1 mint leaves chopped

  18. bunch 2 oil

  19. tbsp 3 onion chopped

  20. big

  21. 3 big

  22. salt

  23. 0 as needed

  24. Turmeric powder

  25. 0 pinch

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  1. Take a Bowl, Add chilli powder,salt,turmuric,garamasala powder,coriander powder,ginger garlic paste,lemon jucie,oil, mix well and add chicken rub the chicken well with this masalas and pour curd do not mix the curd, keep in fridge for over night.

  2. Boil Rice In a muslin cloth add all the spices and wrap it and keep a side.

  3. Now in a pan add oil then add chopped onions, salt, cook till slight golden brown colour once it is done remove if any execess oil,and also half of the onion.

  4. Now spread the balance fried onions and pour the marinated chicked spread it equaly, and put the wraped masala dry,now spread half of the rice,onions,mint,chopped coriander, now spread left over rice,onions,min,coriander leaves.

  5. finely sprinkle colour close it with a lid but the steam should not come out for this take a chapati dough and make a thread put anout the dish and close it with the Lid and put some weight on top of the lid to avoide the steam.

  6. cook for 30 to 45 min.


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