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  1. 1 beef tenderloin **MARINADE AND SAUCE**

  2. 2 cups soy sauce

  3. 2/3 cup dark sesame oil

  4. 6 garlic clove

  5. 2 tablespoons fresh ginger

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  1. Preparation : PLACE THE TENDERLOIN in a non-aluminum pan. Mix together the soy sauce, oil, garlic and ginger, and pour 1/2 of the marinade over the tenderloin. Reserve the remaining for the sauce. Cover the beef with plastic wrap and marinate overnight in the refrigerator. Remove the tenderloin from the pan and place it on a charcoal grill over a low fire, covered, or place in a pan in a 400F oven. Cook until rare (the internal temperature should be 140F), turning if necessary. Remove from heat. If cooking in the oven, bring the remaining marinade and pan juices to the boil and pour over the meat. Serve hot or cold. May be made ahead and reheated.


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