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  1. Ingredients2tablespoonrice 2ozbeef, round, ground 1tablespoonegg, raw, beaten 1tablespoononion, grated 1/4teaspoongarlic 1/4teaspoonparsley 1/4teaspoonnutmeg 2tablespoonwine, dry, red 1 1/4cupbeef broth 1salt, to taste 1pepper, to tasteDirections:Stove Top: Add rice to 1 cup water. Boil 5 minutes; drain well. Blend rice, ground round, egg, onion, garlic, parsley, and nutmeg. Form into small meatballs. Add wine to broth; bring to boil. Drop meatballs into hot broth, one to at time. Bring to boil again; reduce heat. Simmer 20 minutes. Add salt and pepper. Microwave: Add rice to 1 cup salted water. Bring to a boil. Hold 5 minutes; drain well. Combine meatball ingredients as above. Bring wine and broth to a boil. Drop meatballs into hot broth, one at time. Bring to a boil again. Hold 10 minutes. Add salt and pepper.Crockpot: Make meatballs as above and simmer in crockpot on Low for 2 hrs.


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