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  1. 3 cups sitaphal pulp

  2. 1 can condensed milk

  3. sugar if required

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  1. Empty can of condensed milk in a large beating bowl.

  2. Chill condensed milk for 10minutes in freezer.

  3. Puree sitaphal pulp, saving a tbsp. of segments.

  4. Beat condensed milk with an electric hand beater, till foamy.

  5. Add puree and beat again. Fold in segment.

  6. Make icecream either in icecream churner, or set in freezer tray.

  7. Stir with a fork or spoon every 1/2 hour, till icecream is almost set.

  8. Remove in bowl again, beat with a wooden spoon or spatula till light.

  9. Refreeze till well set.

  10. Serve in scoops or slices.


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